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Cluj-Napoca - the city with digital streets

Cluj-Napoca is among the first cities in Romania, which started the digital streets project. The city of Cluj-Napoca chooses us as a partner for these solutions, starting with the installation of the first equipment on Regele Ferdinand Street.

The equipment chosen was one of the highest quality, a totem with 2 55 "screens, with touch screen on both sides. Behind the screens there are 2 solid configurations with I7 processors, 16Gb Ram and 240 SSD. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with an air conditioning module, which will keep a constant temperature inside, both during winter and summer.

2000 nits screens, adaptive brightness sensors, built-in speakers, and last but not least, anti-vandal protection glass, make this equipment a top one.

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Cluj-Napoca - the city with digital streets